All the ways last night’s 100th Walking Dead referenced the first ever episode

How many did you catch?

After the mixed reviews of season seven, last night saw The Walking Dead return in for their eighth season. The first episode of the new season also marked the momentous occasion of reaching 100 episodes. And to celebrate them reaching triple figures the producers pulled out all of the stops for the season eight premier.

Harking back to the first ever episode of the series, fans were delighted to see that a series of clever references to the beginning of the story.

Here are all the times that last night’s episode of The Walking Dead referenced the first:

They brought back their first ever zombie

In the opening scene of the first ever episode of The Walking Dead we saw Rick Grimes glimpse what he thinks is a little girl, only for them to turn around and be revealed to be a zombie. Rick shoots her in the head – making her the first ever zombie seen and shot on the series, and that was the last we saw of her…

That was, until she was brought back for season eight for another minor zombie part, with exactly the same actress playing her:

Carl is seen mirroring Rick

Leading up to the first ever zombie’s appearance, we saw an entire recreation of a scene in the first episode. In episode 1 we saw Rick drive into an abandoned town, and search for gas. This time we saw his son Carl recreate the scene, check our this comparison to see both scenes side by side:

The swarm of walkers

In the opening season we see Rick and Glenn trapped in tank whilst walkers swarmed around them, this time around we saw Negan & Gabriel trapped in a trailer.

Another zombie returns

Joe Giles, who played a zombie in the first episode, also returned for the new series.

Rick in a hospital bed

Both episode one and 100 feature the show’s protagonist Rick with flowers next to him, just this time around he’s aged considerably and is seen with a large, greying beard.