Westworld Season 2: What the “valley beyond” could mean for the show

Back in the game

Westworld is back to fuck with your mind once more. Season One was wilfully stacked with different timelines, shocking twists and endless theories spouted from Reddit, and you won’t be shocked to know that Season Two delivers more of the same. Last night’s long-awaited return picked up the pieces from the Host’s rebellion at the end of Season One – and threw a load more questions at us, including the teasing of “the valley beyond”. But what the hell is it? 

Who mentions the “valley beyond”?

The “valley beyond” is mentioned twice in the episode, first by the Rebellion’s Leader, Delores, and again by the “stable boy” to The Man In Black. Delores first says it to her accomplice Teddy, saying that not everyone can make it to “the valley beyond”, and the stable boy offers the The Man In Black passage to “the valley beyond.”

What is the “valley beyond”?

We can interpret what this means in several ways – none of which may necessarily be true. But let’s give it a crack, eh?


Firstly, Journey Into The Night seemed to allude that Delores’ ability to see beyond the present is only getting stronger. As she tells Teddy, she can “see it all so clearly — the past, the present, the future.” But what is the future? As shown by the rising water levels in the original park, the washing up of a tiger and Delores’ reference to this park being just being a “speck of dust” – it may well mean that there is some kind of test or passage for hosts to pass to make it. Is the “valley beyond” going to be the ruins of the park after the flood? Last year, fans on Reddit theorised that a flood was incoming, suggesting that this destruction of the park may be Ford’s final narrative to cleanse the park.

Or could she be referring to the outside world? With Maeve almost making it out, and Delores’ ability to see into the future – she may well see the future of selected hosts existing outside of the park.

Does this have anything to do with the multiple timelines?

Perhaps. Journey Into The Night showed that we’re operating on two timelines – that we know of – about 12 days apart. The first, involving Delores and her journey through the park slaughtering hosts and guests alike, and Bernard’s movements after the initial rebellion. The second shows Bernard being picked up 12 days later and assessing the damage to the park with Ashley Stubbs and Karl Strand.

It is in this second timeline where we see the what appears to be a flood in the park. Is this the start of the journey to the valley beyond Dolores was talking about? It does all sound pretty biblical right now, so a flood may well be way to do it. But does that mean Bernard is involved, too? Let us know what you think in the comments.