Who’s Chic Cooper, the long lost son in Riverdale?

Riverdale spoilers ahead

Riverdale has returned to our screens and for season two the drama has been cranked up to the max. Whilst the core four are attempting to solve the ongoing murder (/attempted murder) mysteries, and run about launching their own vigilante moments (aka Archie’s “Red Circle”), certain mysteries are taking a back seat. For example, what happened to the Cooper’s long lost first child, Chic Cooper? And why has he barely been mentioned this season?

We know he’s set to appear later on in season two, and if you’ve missed the unfolding drama, here’s a run down on what you need to know.

Who is Chic Cooper?

In the season 1 finale we learned that Cooper family matriarch Alice got pregnant in high school and gave the baby boy up for adoption; this baby boy was Chic Cooper. Now, after years estranged from his family and growing up aside from his family, Chic is set to make an appearance in series two of Riverdale.

Who’s playing him?

Revealed in early October, Chic Cooper will be played by actor Hart Denton, in a recurring role. It’s assumed he’ll be appearing in the second half of the season, and scenes with him have already started being shot.

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Why’s he not been in Riverdale so far?

Chic Cooper is estranged from the rest of the Cooper family, and after being given up for adoption he didn’t grow up in the Cooper household along with sisters Betty and Polly. So this could be the fairly simple explanation for his absence.

However, could there be something more to it? In the original Archie comic book, which Riverdale is based on Chic was a secret agent for the US government – so could that be why he’s not appeared thus far? And could there be a major plot development involving this?

And is he the hooded killer?

Maybe? A popular fan theory is that the eldest Cooper child will be revealed to be the masked murderer terrorising Riverdale.

In episode four, we saw the killer send a letter to Betty Cooper, revealing that he was committing his atrocities for her, also leaving a cryptogram that only she could solve, as to where his next target would be. The hooded killer also announced he was committing his crimes for Betty – and the family connection would explain this – as he could be misguidedly trying to his place back in the youngest Cooper’s heart.

However, from the glimpses of the black hood killer we’ve seen, he’s a middle-aged man, not in his mid-20s as Chic Cooper is; but this could be explained by another popular fan theory, that there is more than one black hood killer.

Another thing that point towards Chic being the killer is when high schooler Midge, who was attacked by the killer, claimed that the man in the hood’s eyes looked as empty as “Michael Myers eyes”. Myers was the killer in 70s horror film ‘Halloween’ that was obsessed with his sister, and ended up hunting her, so it could have been a subtle reference pointing towards Cooper being the killer.