Will Beavis & Butthead be the dullest thing ever in the YouTube age?

Mike Judge has hinted Beavis & Butthead may return, but how would they fare with YouTube?

Besides an Ant-less Saturday Night Takeaway, could there be a more pointless a televisual event than the proposed return of Beavis & Butthead in 2018? Music fans of a certain vintage will recall the cartoon dorks of Mike Judge’s mid-90s famous, and famously puerile, animated series – hell some of us are the living embodiment of these two chuckling, in-joking losers. But, as Judge reveals that discussions have been had on resurrecting the pair for a potential movie or new series, they’re surely so embedded in their time that a revival would work about as well in the modern age as trying to fax someone a Fresh Prince Of Bel Air annual.


For the blissfully unaware, Beavis and Butthead were two children of MTV who sat on a sofa and took the piss out of whatever videos paraded before them, a symbol of the slacker generation. This worked great in the days when MTV showed streams of whichever videos were the most popular at any one time, but what would the 2018 equivalent be doing? They’d be sitting on a sofa watching whatever was ‘up next’ on YouTube. Same concept, you might think, but YouTube ‘s algorithms will simply keep showing them videos by acts who sound like the one they’re already watching. So they’re unlikely to come across anything they aren’t inclined to like already. The result, if the makers were being totally honest, would just be the pair of them zonked in front of the laptop, occasionally going ‘huh-huh’.


That said, maybe for twenty minutes a 2018 Beavis & Butthead would be a wake-up call. We’re discovering tons of new bands from streaming, but are we having our horizons broadened regularly by new types of music? Are we all simply settling into cultural ruts laid out for us by machines? Would Beavis and Butthead ever realise that Sam Smith was feeding into Rag’N’Bone Man again, join the dots, smash the computer and go out and find something that wouldn’t pass the Grimmers test easily? Huh-huh, we said ‘testes’…