Twin Peaks soundtrack: a guide to all of the bands in the new episodes

Get to know the Bang Bang Bar residents

David Lynch isn’t just the strangest film-maker since Italian maestro Federico Fellini. He’s also a music-lover, releasing two pretty decent, experimental rock albums since 2011. It’s no surprise then, that he’s jam-packed Twin Peaks season 3 with as many obscure indie bands as possible.

During almost every episode, a lesser-known act (for the most part) has taken to the Bang Bang Bar stage to perform. Loads of you were left scratching your heads, wondering who these frighteningly talented youngsters might be. Lucky for you, we’ve got the answers. Here’s our guide to all of the bands on the Twin Peaks soundtrack.


A personal favourite of Lynch, this band of mysterious indie-rockers from Portland couldn’t be more suited to soundtracking the weirdest show on TV. Their 2015 single ‘Shadow’ is all soaring synths and floaty, high-pitched vocals. It matches perfectly with the surrealist undercurrent coursing through the show.


The US quartet made another appearance this week in episode twelve. They played ‘Saturday’ from multi-instrumentalist band-member Johnny Jewel’s new album Windswept.

Episode: One-two, twelve.

Song performed: ‘Shadow’

The Cactus Blossoms

If all you want on a Saturday night is a few rounds of Bourbon and some good ‘ol fashioned American entertainment, then The Cactus Blossoms are for you. Their brand of classic folk-Americana would serve them nicely in a smokey Jackson dive bar circa 1957. It’s smooth, almost as smooth as the single-malt whiskey you’d no doubt be suppin’.

Episode: Three


Song performed: ‘Mississippi’

Au Revoir Simone

Brooklyn trio Au Revoir Simone and David Lynch have history. They met at a book store event over a decade ago and the Twin Peaks creator even remixed one of their tracks recently. Their wavy synth-pop number ‘Lark’ adds nicely to the Bang Bang Bar’s liquor-soaked romance with its intense rhythms and ominous organ drone.

Episode nine saw the band make their second appearance on the show – they performed their euphoric, harmony-laden 2007  track ‘A Violent Yet Flammable World’. Excitingly, the performance was preceded by the unveiling of a new character, Ella, played by none other than indie-pop favourite Sky Ferreira. Watch the clip below.

Episode: Four and nine.

Song performed: ‘Lark’, ‘A Violent Yet Flammable World’.


If nepotism really gets your goat then look away now. Riley Lynch, the film-maker’s son, is one of three members belonging to punky blues outfit Trouble, who feature during episode five’s exciting finale. You might also recognise Alex Zhang Hungtai of new age-y rockers Dirty Beaches / Last Lizard, while long-time Lynch sound engineer Dean Hurley fills the remaining spot. Their track ‘Snake Eyes’ features crunchy power chords set alongside squawking saxophones. Its depraved, jazzy feel really chimes with the programme’s sinister aura.

Episode: Five

Song performed: ‘Snake Eyes’

Sharon Van Etten

If ever their was a voice to match Twin Peaks‘ ethereal charm, it would be Sharon Van Etten’s otherworldly lilt. A long-standing friend of Mr Lynch, Van Etten trod the boards at Bang Bang Bar as naturally as original singer-in-residence Julee Cruise did back in the ’90s. Unfortunately, her blissful turn probably means she won’t now appear as a fully-fledged cast member further down the line.

Episode: Six

Song performed: ‘Tarifa’

Nine Inch Nails

Trent Reznor is one creepy bloke. The Nine Inch Nails frontman’s spitting, snarling performance on Twin Peaks would make even the bravest of the town’s residents run for cover. It’s the highest profile band cameo so far and probably the best too. Give it a watch below.

Episode: Eight

Song performed: ‘She’s Gone Away’

Hudson Mohawke

Bet you didn’t see this one coming. Lynch’s latest musical muse is Glaswegian electro-wizard Hudson Mohawke. He popped up in the Bang Bang Bar to debut a previously-unreleased song ‘Human’ during episode nine. New recruit Sky Ferreira could be seen sipping on a beer in a nearby booth, surely sealing Twin Peaks’ status as TV’s indiest town.

Episode: Nine

Song performed: ‘Human’


Taking time out from his recent investigation into Trump’s dealings with Russia, superstar DJ Moby popped up for an extended cameo during Twin Peaks: The Return episode ten. The folically-challenged electro-wizard can be seen noodling away on electric guitar while Latino singer Rebekah Del Rio croons into the mic. They performed the Lynch-penned tune ‘No Stars’ to a packed-out dance floor.

Episode: 10

Song performed: ‘No Stars’


If long fringes, plaid shirts and soaring indie-pop ballads are your bag then you’ll have loved Lissie’s intense Twin Peaks debut last week. Closing the episode with the Stevie Nicks-esque ‘Wild West’, Rock Island’s most exciting troubadour more than earned her Lynch-commissioned screen time.

Episode: 14

Song performed: ‘Wild West


The Veils

It’s taken 15 hour-long episodes, but we’ve finally got some British talent on stage at the Bang Bang. London-based five-piece The Veils make scuzzy, indie-rock with frontman Finn Andrews’ wolfish howl adding a gothic twist to proceedings.

Episode: 15

Song performed: ‘Axolotl’

Eddie Vedder

It looks like Lynch is saving his best musical guests for the final few episodes. This week saw Edward Louis Severson aka Eddie Vedder croon his way through a pretty country number. The becapped-Pearl Jam frontman strummed his acoustic tenderly while his soulful vocals conducted the locals’ slow-dancing. More Eddie please, Mr Lynch.

Episode: 16

Song performed: ‘Out Of Sand’


Julee Cruise

She’s back. The original Bang Bang Bar resident Julee Cruise sashayed her way back onto stage so stylishly it was like she’d never been away. Her powerhouse vocal performance was the perfect send-off for a series that, over 18 episodes, has given non-mainstream music a vital platform.

Episode: 17

Song performed: ‘The World Spins’

Twin Peaks: The Return airs on Sky Atlantic every Tuesday at 9pm

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