The UK’s apocalyptic red sky looks like a lot of people’s favourite films

Are we living in 'Blade Runner'? 'Star Wars'? Or the actual apocalypse? Something is afoot

It’s easy to get wrapped up in theories about the end of the world being nigh. But today, the apocalypse really does feel close, because the sky has officially turned orange. Or yellow. Or red, depending on which part of the country you’re in, or which Instagram filter your eyes have permanently adjusted to.

A quick look outside and yep, judgement day is upon us. Storm Ophelia is taking over. Either that, or the marketing for Blade Runner 2049 has really gone above and beyond.

Making light of the fact we’re all utterly doomed, a lot of sky-watchers are convinced we’ve woken up to an alternate galaxy.

Come to think of it, this scenery looks familiar


London’s always been a bit smoggy, but maybe something else is at play

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Or has a new Mad Max trailer arrived out of the blue?

Everything’s going to be fine. Honest…