The US ‘The Office’ intro has been recut to star Trump’s cabinet, and it’s amazing

Trump and his cronies go from D.C. to Scranton in this incredible video.

Donald J. Trump taking the presidential hot-seat and inviting a bunch of billionaire buddies to join him isn’t exactly a laughing matter. But what’s the use of watching this all unfold like some nightmarish apocalypse if you can’t poke fun?

In an act of sheer brilliance, Trump and his cronies have been cast in a spoof edit of The US Office’s opening credits. They have the same mannerisms, the same slapstick potential, with the same plotlines just waiting to be written. And it’s perhaps the only thing that can make truly horrific appointments seem laugh-out-loud hilarious.

Shared by Brandon Smith on Facebook, Trump takes the Michael Scott role of a buffoonish commander-in-chief. He looks gormless when presented with notes in a meeting (not for the first time…) and gets into a tricky situation with the American Eagle.


Then there’s Vice President Mike Pence, who’s given the role of a slightly more ominous but equally laughable Dwight Schrute, waving a disciplinary sign that reads “NO WHINING” – this is when it gets beyond parody.

Elsewhere, House Speaker Paul Ryan, Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao and US Attorney General Jeff Sessions all make appearances. Apart from trying to spot the equivalent of the show’s Jim and Pam love story, it’s not hard to imagine this Trump’s administration reliving the show’s exact same awkward scenes. One thing’s missing – an equivalent to Michael’s arch nemesis, Toby Flenderson (former hedge fund manager turned Secretary of the Treasury, Steven Mnuchin, would surely fit the part).

Either way, it’s absolute genius. The only question on our minds: why didn’t anyone think of this before?

I present to you, The Oval Office (2017)

Posted by Brandon Smith on Friday, January 20, 2017