Slipknot fan? You need to check out this heavy-as-fuck new Vein track

The hardcore group's latest release is proof heavy music is incredible health

Fans of the darker side of life, step forward. Fans of Slipknot, step forward further still – we’ve got your new favourite band here.

Meet Vein, an unhinged Boston hardcore band that are nuking all expectations imposed on the genre. Already spoken about in hushed tones as one of a handful of acts taking hardcore to impossible new creative highs,  their newly released single ‘Virus://Vibrance’ dropped this week, and saw them establish themselves of leaders of the pack.

A chaotic, churning take on hardcore, metal and – whisper it – even nü metal, ‘Virus://Vibrance’ is the kind of track that’s destined for ‘best of’ lists come the year’s end. Don’t take our word for it though – brace yourself and hit play below.


From the get-go, it’s a masterclass in disorientating heavy music. Vicious and unrelenting, the track goes for the jugular, every one of the five-piece contorting themselves until bones are broken and vocal cords are burnt to a crisp. That video, too. Grisly.

Perhaps most excitingly, it’s a track which channels the creative brilliance of early-day Slipknot, without ever feeling like it’s emulating anyone. Those drum ‘n’ bass breaks; the clattering percussion (that snare!); the knife-edge mentality in Anthony DiDio’s vocal delivery – it’s a new-age hardcore manifesto, fashioned out of pages from the ‘Subliminal Verses’ liner notes. What they might lack in Slipknot-esque costumes, too, their fans more than make up for with their dedication to packing out pits with Vein windbreakers, coming off like a limb-flailing gang that you’d be foolhardy to cross. Check them in action below.

‘Virus://Vibrance’ is the first hint at Vein’s new album ‘Errorzone’ – a record that’s sure to decimate anyone in its path. Get prepped – heavy music is about to evolve all over again.