The good, the bad and the Biffy: the five most, erm, interesting ‘WAP’ covers

We've had noise-rock versions of the hit, along with goth-opera and a rendition performed on a melon (yes, really). 'WAP' truly is the gift that keeps on giving

‘WAP’ is the newest song to break the internet. The duet from the outspoken but loveable New Yorker Cardi B and Houston’s head ‘Hottie’ in charge Megan Thee Stallion is, as you will well know by now, not the cleanest song ever. However, with it being Number One in the US and UK and all, the jaw-dropping banger has had its fair share of covers in the last month. Let’s take a look – but beware: it’s not for the faint-hearted.

Biffy Clyro 



Let’s get this one out of the way. Hearing the Scottish rockers talk about being as “wet as Biffy” on the BBC Live Lounge was a haunting experience, but an experience nonetheless. Initially taking quite a minimalistic approach for this awkward but entertaining cover, the band then switch it up and go all garage on us. It’s a bizarre song choice, paired with even more bizarre lyrics. “There’s some Biff in this house”?

Any good? Come on now.

Jay Diggs

Funk is back, back, back and this great ‘80s-inspired cover is a real treat – and completely different to the original. Giving you mad Jackson Five vibes, YouTube extraordinaire Diggs’ thumping bass notes, gliding atop ethereal chords, make for an unforgettable, re-playable listen.

Any good? It’s the best funky cover of a hip-hop song (a surprisingly crowded field) this year.

Qveen Herby


We all love a good traditional cover where a great artist belts out a super popular tune, leaving you in awe. And that’s exactly what this R&B singer and rapper Herby has done here, transforming ‘WAP’ into a baroque-pop banger. Cardi B herself posted it on Twitter. Bow down.

Any good? Herby’s impeccable harmonies will stay with you all day long.

Social Repose

This is definitely the fruitiest cover of them all, as Social Repose (as YouTuber Richard Geese) blows into melons – yes, you read that correctly – to create another (kind-of) a capella cover. At first, the gothic, black-eyed character is a scary sight, but the end result is surprisingly wholesome. Bonus: the track doubles up as an ASMR treat.

Any good? Yeah, it’s real sweet.

Margo Price

This one began an experiment: on late-night TV programme US The Daily Show, hosts Trevor Noah and Dulce Sloan wondered if uptight dudes would still be upset by the song’s raunchy lyrics – as many American conservatives have been – if they appeared in a country song. So Americana hero Margo Price stepped up to put it to the best. Reader: the song’s still filthy.

Any good? It’s less fun than the other covers on this list, but we tip our cowboy hat to you, Margo Price.

Andrew Lloyd Webber 


It’s charming to see this award-winning composer hasn’t lost touch with modern music. In keeping with the internet-breaking quality of Cardi B and Megan’s original, Lloyd Webber’s interpretation was a big hit online – and no wonder: we did not know that needed to hear ‘WAP’ repleted with gothic organ inspired by his classic The Phantom of the Opera, but we do now.

Any good? Um, yes! The menacing chords, combined with the colourful lyrics, show just how much life-affirming joy ‘WAP’ contains.