Watch this Russian guy hack his grand piano to play a Metallica guitar solo

Ron Minis has green facial hair and a pit-black heart.

Here, then, is the ultimate act of rebellion. A Russian guy’s parents wanted him to learn piano, like a nice lad, with none of those ghastly drums and guitar to keep disturbing the neighbours. But he has thrown caution to the wind, has thrown off the shackles of his genteel upbringing, and has found a way to indulge in extreme heaviosity from the comfort of his piano stool. Fuck yeah!

Green-bearded Ron Minis has used hooked his lovely piano up with a Manipilator plug-in, which allows him to tinkle the ivories and makes it sound like Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett is whaling away on a beat-up Stratocaster. One recently uploaded video sees Ron take on the band’s seminal 1986 track ‘Master of Puppets’, including – but not limited to! – that ‘face-melting’ guitar solo. Ron’s fingers dance across the keys, firing off sweet heavy metal goodness like a flare gun that says: “Fuck you Mum! Fuck you Dad! St Anger round my neck!”

And there’s more, so very much more of Ron to pour into our eyes and earholes. Gasp! As he plucks at the strings inside his piano with reckless disregard for their general well-being. Cower! As he scowls in the camera while pounding the keys like he’s drumming his fingers on a table-top as he waits for his mum too serve dinner. Frown! Because you’re not quite sure why Mr Poopybutthole from Rick and Morty turns up at the end.

In a video uploaded earlier in the year, our fearless piano man explains: “I always wanted to play guitar solos like Slash does but my Russian parents wanted me to play piano. So I took the piano and made it a guitar.” Dream that dream and you, like Ron, could soon sport unorthodox facial hair and enjoy bountiful subscribers on YouTube. Look at me now, Dad. Look at me now.