Retro chocolate, magic curry powder and cooking lager: What 2017 will taste like

2016 has been an absolute d**k. 2017, though, is gonna be legendary. Starting with the stuff you’ll be popping in your gob

The ’90s as chocolate

Cadbury Fuse

The ongoing ’90s revival has passed through the rave and grunge stages and is heading towards the end of the decade. And what taste could be more evocative of the Spice Girls and Titanic era than that of a Cadbury Fuse? Launched in 1996, this mash-up of chocolate, raisins, nuts, crisp cereal and fudge sold 40 million bars in its first week and became the UK’s best- selling confectionery. Discontinued in 2006, it’s time to bring it back.

Buy some: Rarer than hen’s teeth. Keep your eyes peeled for Cadbury news.



Sushi 2.0

Hawaiian Poke

Poke is a raw-fish salad marinated with soy, lime and sesame and served with rice. It’s kinda like sushi, except it’s served in a bowl and so is far more street-food-market-friendly. London’s Ahi Poké eaterie helped to kick-start the craze in the capital this year, and with highfalutin’ posho shop Waitrose now getting in on the act, you can expect to see poke hulu-ing its delicious way nationwide during 2017.

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Bottles of weak-flavoured trendiness

Cooking Lager


With craft beer consumption now about as cutting-edge as owning a Hotmail account, trend-chasing types have but one option: to play the contrarian card and start drinking cheap, weak-flavoured cooking lager: Foster’s, Grolsch etc. Snort sceptically, but American hipsters have been enjoying Pabst Blue Ribbon – the US equivalent of Carling – for years now.

Drink it: £38.30 for 24 bottles at


Magic Curry Powder


Expect clean-living, yoga-posing sorts to be whacking turmeric into pretty much everything they cook in 2017. Sales are already surging as the ginger plant gains a cultish rep as a cure-all wonder food: diabetes, depression, obesity – there’s very little turmeric can’t help with (provided you trust the ‘science’ quoted by wee-drinking wellness bloggers.) Curries aside, ‘golden milk’ – made from nut milk, pepper and turmeric – looks set to be the popular way to consume it.

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Yoghurt, right, but with vegetables

Vegetable Yogurt

We can feel you pulling that “Bleurgh!” face from here, but don’t knock vegetable yogurt until you’ve tried it. Anyway, you’re not necessarily supposed to consume this stuff on its own, as you would a fruit yogurt; think of it as more of an ingredient or a condiment – something chic and daring to set down next to the nibbles at your next swanky soirée. Flavours include carrot, sweet potato, tomato, beetroot.

Get into it: