Wigan Athletic trolled Manchester City by playing ‘Wonderwall’

Wigan, the underdogs, beat the Premier League team 1-0

It’s been a Godlike 12 months for Liam Gallagher, but this must be a rare low point. Last night, his beloved football team Manchester City were beaten by rivals Wigan Athletic in an FA Cup upset that resulted in a pitch invasion. To really hammer the point home, Wigan played the Oasis classic ‘Wonderwall’ over the tannoy as the final whistle blew. Stop crying your heart out, Liam, it’ll be okay.


There was, reportedly, a bit of scuffle during the stage invasion, with hotshot Man City player Sergio Aüguero apparently caught up in the chaos. In his recent NME cover interview, which celebrated Liam being crowned Godlike Genius at this year’s NME Awards thanks to his solo album ‘As You Were’, the musician compared himself to Aüguero.


“I didn’t write any of Oasis and that seemed to work,” he explained. “I feel more comfortable when I’m singing. I’m not a songwriter – I don’t know how it works, but I can do my little bit. Sergio Agüero doesn’t defend – he might not be an all-round footballer – but he still puts the ball in the back of the fucking net. And that’s how I’m seeing it.”

Well, Man City supporters had hoped Agüero could help their team scoop their fourth prestigious cup of the season, but Wigan striker Will Grigg scuppered that with the only goal of the game – and whoever’s running the tannoy wasn’t in a gracious mood. Liam loves a tweet, but he probably won’t appreciate the fact Wigan fans used the platform to roast Man City in the wake of that epic ‘Wonderwall’ trolling…

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