YouTube star KSI on his ultimate food for a FIFA marathon

YouTube star KSI, also known as 23-year-old Olajide Olatunji, found online infamy commentating videogames such as FIFA. He then moved into skits, sketches and even music, with his hip-hop EP ‘Keep Up’ topping the iTunes charts last year. Now he’s made a feature-length film called Laid In America, but the man with almost 15 million YouTube subscribers is still mad for a Maccy D’s when deep in a gaming sesh. Here he tell us what he eats to keep going, just in time for the new FIFA 17.

KSI’s Ultimate Gaming Feast


Red Bull:


You’ve gotta get an energy drink to keep your focus. The longest gaming sesh I’ve ever done was playing FIFA for 32 hours without a break. It’s probably not very healthy, but sometimes you can just be in your room with the blinds closed, engulfed in the game. An energy drink definitely helps.

Cheese, grapes and crackers

The grapes are healthy, which replenishes you during a long session, and Camembert and mozzarella is a good mix. But I’m not a foodie – I just shove it in my mouth and eat it.

Chicken wings

Nandos make some badass chicken wings. I’d normally go for medium spice, but I’ve heard good things about the Peri-tamer [a milder option]. I don’t have a Nando’s Black Card – I’d rather just pay for my own stuff.

Maccy D’s


Nothing’s changed for me since I became wealthier. It doesn’t mean I got to fancy restaurants. I still just go to McDonald’s. I don’t feel like you get much for your money in fancy restaurants. It’s always some small amount and I’m never full after it. So I’m like: “Yo, gimme that rubbish!”


KSI on…

Laid in America his new movie with fellow YouTube celeb, Caspar Lee

It’s about two foreign exchange students in America. It’s their last day at college and they’re trying to get laid… But then we get kidnapped and it gets a bit crazy from there.

His cover own of House Of Pain’s 1992 classic ‘Jump Around’

I didn’t want to release it as a single. I wanted to just quietly release it on an EP. But people like it and the people, I guess, make it big. I feel like I’ve done well with my take on it.

Working with Waka Flocka Flame on ‘Jump Around’

He told me: “Be true to yourself and don’t let people phase you. Just be your own man, man. You only live in this world once and there’s no point in trying to please everyone.”