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‘Halo Infinite’ bringing back skill jumps and making changes to Last Spartan Standing

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"We're not at the point where we can promise anything yet"

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The esports skin bundles are getting an overhaul

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‘Halo Infinite’ roadmap confirms Season 2 will go for six months

Season 3 launches in November, with Forge and co-op also delayed

‘Halo Infinite’ Season 2 includes a new 12-player survival mode

There's also an infinite Energy Sword and Grappleshot playlist

Original ‘Halo’ composers say Microsoft dispute has been “amicably resolved”

A lawsuit involving original ‘Halo’ composers Marty O’Donnell and Michael Salvatori against Microsoft that had been long-running after being filed in 2020 appears to have finally been solved, as O’Donnell has revealed via Twitter that the differences have been resolved “amicably”.

Watch Steve Vai and Nile Rodgers help create the iconic ‘Halo 2’ theme

After being told to "just vibe", Steve Vai improvised a solo that would feature on the main theme for 'Halo 2'