Amazon Game Studios

‘New World’ “is not client authoritative” but server based says Amazon

"Clients dispatch controller inputs to the server, and the server then checks that input for limits that might invalidate it"

‘New World’ oversight allows players to crash the game via its chat box

It's all fun and games until somebody gets a virus

‘New World’ update hits, server transfers are back again

A new update has hit for Amazon’s ‘New World’ MMORPG which the developer says is primarily about fixing the top issues players have been hitting in recent weeks, not least the fact that the server transfer option is back after lasting less than a day last time around.

‘New World’ bug isn’t giving players gold for selling items when they’re offline

Instead, players are receiving a "housing compensation message".

‘New World’ update 1.0.4 fixes “the top issues” of the MMO

The patch includes plenty of reimbursed gold for certain players and companies

‘New World’ devs deny a “currency crisis” and say the economy is fine

"From a data standpoint the economy is performing within acceptable levels"

Most ‘New World’ perks are broken, according to Reddit users

Amazon Game Studios have some explaining to do

Amazon’s Christoph Hartman admits company did “exactly the wrong thing” with ‘Crucible’

"Don’t go and do what everyone else does because everyone else went for battle royale shooters"

‘New World’ devs put character transfers on hold to fix gold duping bug

The server transfer function for New World has been temporarily put on hold as an exploit has been discovered that can duplicate gold in...