‘Starfield’ to roll out a much-anticipated feature in Steam beta next week

Alongside "other optimisations and improvements" for PC players

‘Starfield’ DLSS mod sparks controversy over paid modding

The debate is reminiscent of the 'Skyrim' paid mods debacle

‘Microsoft Flight Simulator’ is getting AMD FSR 2.0 support

Nvidia DLSS support is also in the works

Chinese authorities seize shipment of AMD graphics cards worth over £2million

5,840 graphics cards were obtained by authorities

Tech industry starts to halt exports to Russia

Intel and AMD have ceased selling tech to Russia

Intel CEO says AMD is “in the rearview mirror” for good

Pat Gelsinger made the comment in a video reflecting on 2021

AMD GPUs could rise in price by as much as 10%

Because if graphics cards needed anything, it was a price increase.

AMD has produced a ‘Halo Infinite’ graphics card to celebrate the game’s launch

The graphics card isn't for sale, but can be won

AMD’s Lisa Su is optimistic that chip shortage will improve in late 2022

Supply will still remain "likely tight" the rest of this year and early next year

German GPU sales suggest that finding a graphics card will get harder

Hope you weren't looking to buy a GPU any time soon