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How to watch The Game Awards 2023

The show takes place in the early hours of tomorrow (December 8) if you're in the UK

‘Silent Hill: Ascension’ season pass criticised for including points that influence story choices

"Paying to see the show is something else. But paying to influence it and to the side stuff is crazy"

Interactive horror series ‘Silent Hill: Ascension’ will premiere this month

Viewers will vote to take the series' characters to "redemption, suffering, or damnation"

‘Alien’ is finally coming to ‘Dead By Daylight’

You have my sympathies...

‘Dead By Daylight’ may celebrate anniversary with long-awaited ‘Alien’ crossover

Fans of the horror game have spent years calling for the Xenomorph's addition

‘Dead By Daylight’ reveals tech-savvy new killer The Skull Merchant

The grisly executive can use drones made from human skulls

‘Dead by Daylight’ gets medieval with new killer The Knight

The newest 'Dead By Daylight' killer can summon three cronies to hunt survivors for him

Best horror games: what’s the best horror you can play in 2022?

Six of the scariest games you can play right now... if you dare!

‘Dead By Daylight’ should use alternate Pyramid Head says creator

The original Pyramid Head creator thinks 'Dead By Daylight' should feature his alternate version of the monster