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Bethesda says it understands PlayStation fans anger about exclusivity

It was always going to be a talking point, but when Xbox bought Bethesda for $7.5 billion it was almost a given that eventually the games would move to being exclusively on Xbox. There were schools of thought that Bethesda, and indeed Xbox, could make even more money by allowing the titles to be played on PlayStation consoles, but with ‘Starfield’, for example, we now know that Bethesda are moving towards Xbox exclusivity, and it seems the company are well aware of how PlayStation gamers are feeling.

Bethesda exec on ‘Starfield’ exclusivity: “There’s not a whole lot I can do about it”

“All I can really say is, ‘I apologise’, because I’m certain that that’s frustrating to folks”

Bethesda on ‘Starfield’: “It has large scale goals and storytelling”

“It’s okay for you to want to test the [game’s boundaries],” said Todd Howard