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‘Hell Let Loose’ launches major ‘Falling Dark’ update

Voice chat has been improved and new DLC has been added

‘Hell Let Loose’ producer James Light dies aged 28

"He is certainly one of the key reasons Hell Let Loose has reached where it is today"

‘Hell Let Loose’ developer explains how Team17 acquisition will affect game

If anything, it should be positive changes

Team17 acquires ‘Hell Let Loose’ IP for £46 million

"We firmly believe Hell Let Loose can become the definitive large-scale team-based military simulation."

‘Hell Let Loose’ could be getting a big Commonwealth update next year

Black Matter is exploring a "Commonwealth-style expansion"

‘Hell Let Loose”s lead developer on how hardcore games can do more to welcome new players

Max Rea, lead developer on Hell Let Loose, speaks about the challenge behind bringing new players to hardcore games.

‘Hell Let Loose”s Max Rea talks about how much detail went into the Russian faction

"Our next game will be a fantasy game, so that we can just make this stuff up, honestly"

Tactical FPS ‘Hell Let Loose’ officially launches on PC today

The game will also launch on next-gen consoles later this year

‘Hell Let Loose’ will receive four updates a year after leaving early access

Paid DLC is coming but the player base will remain united

‘Hell Let Loose’ review: a gritty WW2 gem for hardcore shooter fans

A challenging - but vastly enjoyable - hardcore shooter