Blizzard Entertainment

Next ‘World Of Warcraft’ update will remove developer names from the game

References to Jesse Mcree, Luis Barriga, and Jon LeCraft will be removed from the MMO

‘Overwatch’ character McCree is getting a name change

The character was named after a Blizzard employee who has since left, following the Activision Blizzard harassment lawsuit

Asmongold predicts “massive” changes for ‘World of Warcraft’

The streamer notes the alternative is to "exhume" the MMO as a free-to-play mobile title

Blizzard to increase ‘Hearthstone’ game length with targeted nerfs

Changes to slow down the game by a turn or two

Blizzard has lost nearly half its monthly active users in four years

Recent allegations of company-wide abuse and harassment certainly won't help

‘Diablo II: Resurrected’ open beta weekend kicks off on August 20

Early access will take place the weekend prior