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The best horror games: Essential horror games you need to play on PC, Xbox and PlayStation

Six of the scariest games you can play right now... if you dare!

Bloober Team and Rogue Games team up for “crazy, cool” next-gen game

It's being teased as an "unforgettable, original, kickass" game

Horror dev Bloober Team teases new project in ‘Layers Of Fear’ universe

The game will be using Unreal Engine 5, and set for a 2022 release

Bloober Team clarifies ‘Silent Hill’ rumours

Outdated information means 'Silent Hill' probably isn't happening just yet

Two ‘Silent Hill’ games are reportedly in development

The partnership between the Silent Hill publisher and Bloober Team was announced yesterday

Horror game developer Bloober Team partner with ‘Silent Hill’ publisher

The rumour that won’t go away just got even harder to ignore. It’s been long talked about that there’s a new ‘Silent Hill’ game in development, with some suggesting it’s going to be announced at an upcoming, unannounced Sony showcase as a console exclusive, but things just got complicated, as the Konami, the publisher that owns the brand, has partnered with horror developer, Bloober Team, to develop games.

Konami and horror dev Bloober Team to partner on new projects

The Silent Hills are alive with anticipation

‘The Medium’ is no longer an Xbox exclusive, coming to PS5 this September

It was reported as a rumour way back when ‘The Medium’ came to PC and Xbox Series X and S in January, but as one of the few console exclusives the latest generation of Xbox has right now, it may not go down too well with fans that The Medium is coming to PlayStation 5 on 3.

Xbox exclusive ‘The Medium’ has been confirmed for a PS5 release

The game had previously been rated by the ESRB for the Sony console

Xbox exclusive ‘The Medium’ has been rated for the PS5 by the ESRB

The split-screen horror game is now split-console