Coffee Stain

‘Midnight Ghost Hunt’ unleashes the power of love in latest update

The Valentine’s Day update introduces a variant map and new hero props

‘Valheim’ Mistlands update goes live after short public test period

The Mistlands are home to the roots of Yggdrasil, the world tree

You can try out the Mistlands expansion for ‘Valheim’ right now

We don't yet know when the expansion will be officially released

‘Goat Simulator 3’ comes to ‘Fortnite’ with a “half goat/half human” outfit

"Her arrival in this new world meant giving her a 'Fortnite' twist, and muscles"

‘Valheim’ is coming to PC Game Pass later this month

'Valheim' sails to PC Game Pass on September 29

‘Valheim’ is coming to Xbox and PC Game Pass

The game is currently only available on Steam early access

‘Valheim’ surpasses 10million copies sold and 500,000 player peak

Over 95 per cent of Steam reviews for the game are positive

‘Valheim’ publisher Coffee Stain donates £207k to Ukraine relief

The money is going to Save the Children and the Red Cross