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‘Marvel’s Avengers’ finally gets end-game challenges via a free update

Fans of ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ have been very patient, as the game has been updated to change how the systems work, there have been new characters, the game has come to the new-generation of consoles, but finally… finally there’s some end-game content, and it’s available right now for free.

‘Marvel’s Avengers’ War For Wakanda DLC will be around 8 hours long

This makes War For Wakanda the longest DLC yet

‘Marvel’s Avengers’ War For Wakanda DLC gets brand new concept art

War For Wakanda was announced earlier this year

Phil Spencer believes ‘Perfect Dark’ reboot is “awesome” for diversity

Spendcer notes that the current first-party lineup doesn't have enough female protagonists.

‘Marvel’s Avengers’ update will fix bug exposing PS5 IP addresses

Streamers have been told to 'refrain from streaming' until the fix goes live

‘Marvel’s Avengers’ to get campaign replayability options this month

Players will get to experience the campaign again with all their character upgrades

Crystal Dynamics explain changes to ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ levelling grind

"The problem we were seeing, and hearing, was that you would immediately get more skill points than you had time to review"