Deep Silver Volition

The zany ‘Saints Row’ character creator is available now

The “Boss Factory” customisation tool can be downloaded right now

‘Saints Row’ reboot reveals expansive customisation options

Customisation options include ejector seats for vehicles, layered clothing, and an in-depth character creation tool

The new ‘Saints Row’ has been delayed by six months

It was surprising enough back in August when a new ‘Saints Row’ game was announced that is basically a reboot for the series, but the fact it was revealed and given a release date as well was pretty impressive too. But it seems the pandemic has claimed another game delay and it’s now been pushed back by six months into August 2022.

‘Saints Row’ has been delayed to August 2022

Fans will need to wait a bit longer to visit Santo Ileso

Latest ‘Saints Row’ video reveals the return of Insurance Fraud missions

Everyone's favourite ragdoll-rampage will return

‘Saints Row’ reboot gets gameplay video, but some fans are still concerned

Some fans still seem unimpressed with the new direction

‘Saints Row’ is being rebooted and is coming next year

After the ridiculous nature of ‘Saints Row IV’ many people wondered where the series could go next, but that was eight years ago, and it seems we’re not getting a sequel. Instead, the developer Volition is going back to its roots and rebooting the series from the very start.