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‘Vampyr’ is the next game to go free on the Epic Games Store

You'll have 24hrs to claim the free title.

‘Life Is Strange’ devs announce first game as third-party publisher

Gerda: A Flame in Winter will be launching on Switch and Steam in 2022.

‘Life Is Strange: Remastered Collection’ has been delayed until next year

Delays will not affect Life Is Strange: True Colors

Dontnod Entertainment is giving away ‘Tell Me Why’ for Pride Month

The supernatural episodic adventure is more relevant than ever

‘Life Is Strange’ Remastered Collection has been announced

The remastered collection will feature all new facial animation using motion capture

‘Twin Mirror’ review: a forgettable murder mystery cliché in small town America

There’s not enough imagination or substance in Dontnod’s latest narrative adventure

‘Life Is Strange’ dev Dontnod is working on six new games concurrently

One of them is the upcoming game ‘Twin Mirror’

‘Twin Mirror’ lands December release date, gets new trailer

It will be exclusive to the Epic Games Store on PC for a year

‘Tell Me Why’ review: an ambitious premise let down by an ageing framework

Dontnod’s first game outside of the ‘Life Is Strange’ universe is led by brilliant characters but let down by its wider narrative

Dontnod Entertainment announces release date for ‘Tell Me Why’

The new narrative mystery game is just a month away