New ‘Star Wars Squadrons’ loadout customisation details revealed

Players will be able to customise their own ships and pilots

‘Apex Legends’ confirms new hero Rampart works for ‘Titanfall 2’ villain

Rampart will debut when Season Six launches next week

‘Apex Legends’ will not match console players against PC players

“You will only be in PC crossplay lobbies if you have a PC player on your team”

EA to remove Washington team name from ‘Madden NFL 21’

Following the sports team’s decision last week to change its name and logo

EA details starfighter classes and more in ‘Star Wars Squadrons’

The game’s eight starfighters are designed to be as authentic as possible

‘The Sims 4’ releases cosy trailer for new ‘Nifty Knitting’ stuff pack

Knit yourself a sweater, scarf, toys and loads more

‘The Sims’ is getting its own reality TV competition

Contestants will duke it out to earn the title of “world’s most creative storyteller”

‘Star Wars: Squadrons’ will feature customisable HUD, controls and more

Players can make their cockpits as authentic or creative as they want

EA to investigate allegations of sexual misconduct and abuse within its community

“There is still a lot of work to be done in our industry”

Electronic Arts plans to double down on ‘Star Wars’ games

Following the success of ‘Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order’ and ‘Star Wars Battlefront II’