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Epic Games Store confirms next week’s 2 free games

The games will replace the current free title, 'Star Wars: Squadrons'

EA and Marvel join forces for an “all-new” multi-title project

EA will work on “at least three” new games in conjunction with Marvel Entertainment

I left my heart (and torso) in ‘Dead Space”s USG Ishimura

Time hasn't treated 'Dead Space' well, but the USG Ishimura's intense atmosphere shows why this sci-fi horror became a classic

‘Dead Space’ remake has an AI director with “hundreds” of random scares

Players who return to previous areas of the ship will find plenty of new, dynamic scares

‘Dead Space’ preview: back from the dead

EA’s horror remake might be just the definitive 'Dead Space'

EA Motive says horror fans “missed out” on original ‘Dead Space’

Philippe Ducharme says shows like 'Stranger Things' have helped to grow the market for horror

The ‘Dead Space’ remake has changed certain scenes to be scarier

"It was important for me that we took Isaac and we put him in that moment, in the middle of it"

The ‘Dead Space’ remake has a January 2023 release date

This follows a slight delay to the game's release