Embracer Group

Embracer Group admits ‘Saints Row’ reboot left fans “polarised”

Going forward, Volition will "transition to become part of Gearbox"

Embracer closes Square Enix Montréal just two months after buying it

"[It was] a difficult decision and one that we've taken with great care and consideration"

Crystal Dynamics is asking what fans want in a ‘Legacy of Kain’ revival

The survey asks players if they want the game to be a reboot, remaster, remake or direct sequel

Embracer CEO “hoped for a greater reception” to ‘Saints Row’

The long-term future of the game remains unchanged

Crystal Dynamics becomes the owner of ‘Tomb Raider’

The long-time ‘Tomb Raider’ developer has taken full control of the franchise, following Embracer Group’s £240million acquisition

Embracer Group completes acquisition of ‘Tomb Raider’ and ‘Deus Ex’ studios

The arrangement to acquire the development studios was agreed in May

‘Dead Island 2’ gets February release date

The much-delayed game might actually come out

Square Enix reportedly sold western studios to prepare for Sony acquisition

The western arm of Square Enix was apparently "a train wreck in slow motion"

Embracer CEO justifies accepting £820million Saudi investment

The Saudi investment company will be getting 5 per cent of voting power in Embracer