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‘Elden Ring’ legend Let Me Solo Her can now be summoned by a mod

Let Me Solo Her went viral after effortlessly defeating the boss Malenia

‘Elden Ring”s Erdtree is apparently taller than the Alps

The Erdtree is approximately 16,562 ft tall

‘Elden Ring’ gameplay preview includes first look at open-world exploration, mounted combat, and boss fights

Here's everything we learned from the latest Elden Ring gameplay preview

‘Dark Souls’ players organise “Return to Lordran” event to boost activity

The annual event attempts to recreate the feeling of when the game released

‘Demon’s Souls’ PS4 version discovered in PlayStation database

A Twitter account dedicated to keeping an eye on everything new that hits the PlayStation network in terms of updates, game additions, and file sizes, has discovered a PS4 version of the PS5 exclusive ‘Demon’s Souls’, which is very interesting indeed.

‘Bloodborne’ PC and PS5 rumours might have been debunked

Rumours about a 'Bloodborne' remake have been in the air for over a year