‘Elden Ring’ doubles down on PvP with major Colosseum update

PvP (player versus player) fans will be able to take part in duels, team battles, and free-for-all frays

Another ‘Elden Ring’ datamine is pointing to a future DLC

A dataminer has discovered unused slots for future bosses

George R.R. Martin hasn’t played ‘Elden Ring’ because he’s too busy writing ‘Winds of Winter’

"I have not played it, because people seem to want this 'Winds of Winter' book"

The original ‘Dark Souls’ servers aren’t coming back

"We apologise for the long wait and ask for your understanding in this matter"

The ‘Elden Ring’ soundtrack is getting the live jazz treatment

Listen to the smooth jazz of The Lands Between

‘Elden Ring’ dataminers find potential new DLC in latest patch

The game's 1.07 update was released earlier this week

‘Dark Souls 3’ servers suffer more connection issues

FromSoftware has acknowledged a problem with the Steam servers for the game

‘Dark Souls 3’ PC servers restored with first two games to follow

The servers went down due to a hack at the start of this year

‘Elden Ring’ modder discovers unfinished content within pre-release build

The pre-release version features lots of unfinished content