GameStop sold indie NFTs without “consent” say devs

The Nifty Arcade account has been suspended from GameStop’s NFT marketplace

GameStop is reportedly getting into the NFT and cryptocurrency game

Can't GameStop, won't GameStop

GameStop CEO George Sherman will step down in July

The company is currently looking for a suitable successor

GameStop reportedly looking to hire new CEO

The next step in the company’s transition from brick-and-mortar to e-commerce

GameStop announces intended change in leadership

Ryan Cohen is being elected as Chairman of the board

GameStop shares first earnings report since stock market saga

The company has also appointed a new COO

GameStop announces CCO’s resignation at the end of the month

Another step towards GameStop’s transition into e-commerce

GameStop CFO Jim Bell ousted following stock market saga

A source close to the situation claims “Bell was pushed out because the board lost faith in his ability”

YouTuber Keith Gill confirmed for class action lawsuit over GameStop shares

The case was filed last week

GameStop Reddit investor asked to testify before Congress

Robinhood CEO Vladimir Tenev is also expected to join the hearing