Google confirms Stadia is not shutting down

Rumours began to circulate assuming the service was going dark

UK CMA investigating Google and Apple over cloud gaming market control

The CMA may issue legally binding orders to the tech giants

A Google engineer believes an AI has become sentient

Google engineer Blake Lemoine has been placed on leave following his comments regarding an AI bot becoming sentient

‘Resident Evil Village’ demo is now playable in browsers

Capcom is utilising Stadia technology

Google Stadia focus reportedly shifted to licensing the streaming tech

Bungie and Capcom were reportedly interested in licensing the technology

‘PUBG’ developer Krafton is suing Apple and Google for distributing alleged clone

Krafton says both companies are responsible for selling a game they claim "blatantly" copies 'PUBG'

Google Play Games brings Android titles to PC in 2022

Cross-save will allow for shared save data between platforms

Google Stadia has begun rolling out time-limited game demos

More games will be added in the coming months

Another senior Google Stadia employee has left the platform

Jack Buser is now Google Cloud's Director of Global Gaming Solutions