Iron Gate

‘Valheim’ developer doesn’t condone paid mods

Iron Gate believes paid mods go "against the creative and open spirit of modding itself"

‘Valheim’ is getting a “hardcore” mode and customisable difficulty

One upcoming game mode will allow players to build without using resources

‘Valheim’ teases major Ashlands update with creepy concept art

The Ashlands will be a "land of the dead" with some unsettling new enemies to battle

You can try out the Mistlands expansion for ‘Valheim’ right now

We don't yet know when the expansion will be officially released

‘Valheim’ shows off Mistlands teaser featuring sacred tree Yggdrasil

The update looks set to fill out the Mistlands biomes

‘Valheim’ patch adds “full cross-play support” ahead of Game Pass debut

The feature will come in handy when it launches on Xbox next year

Xbox Game Pass to add ‘Deathloop’, ‘Moonscars’ and more this month

Xbox is making us wait for 'Paw Patrol Grand Prix'

‘Valheim’ is coming to PC Game Pass later this month

'Valheim' sails to PC Game Pass on September 29

‘Valheim’ has added midsummer content

The 0.209.8 patch for Valheim is live now and adds new midsummer content as well as bug fixes and improvements

The Xbox port of ‘Valheim’ will have cross-play support

Progress will also be synced between Xbox and PC Game Pass