‘Dark And Darker’ bans will target “mobs,” not “roleplayers,” says developer

Those engaging in "blatant malicious" behaviour are the issue

‘Dark And Darker’ servers targeted by a titanic DDoS attack

The servers have been improved now but the culprit is unknown

‘Dark And Darker’ lawyer asks Valve to let the game back on Steam amid lawsuit troubles

Ironmace's lawyer alleges Nexon used "anti-competitive bully tactics" to pull the game from Steam

‘Dark And Darker’ playtest faces “sophisticated” server attacks

The fantasy game is currently the subject of a lawsuit from 'MapleStory' publisher Nexon

Nexon aims to shut down ‘Dark And Darker’ with new lawsuit

Nexon alleges two former employees stole "source code, audiovisual, and other materials" before founding Ironmace

‘Dark And Darker’ fans asked to torrent playtest as theft allegations keep the game from Steam

The latest playtest has introduced the Bard class, a new location to explore, and more monsters

‘Dark And Darker’ pulled from Steam as developer denies theft

Ironmace has been accused of stealing assets and ideas from Nexon

‘Dark And Darker’ developer’s office searched by police over allegations of code theft

A developer at Ironmace has claimed "nothing was found"

‘Dark And Darker’ can’t stay running on “game sales alone”

The studio is looking into monetisation, but promises "absolutely no" pay-to-win mechanics