Kojima Productions

At 58, Hideo Kojima isn’t ready to stop making games yet

"That's my instinct, and that's what I love to do"

‘Abandoned’ is definitely not a Hideo Kojima game – even with that eyepatch

Don’t expect a new ‘Silent Hill’ or ‘Metal Gear’

Hideo Kojima is “afraid” of a future without physical media

"Eventually, even digital data will no longer be owned by individuals on their own initiative"

‘Death Stranding’ has sold over five million copies on PS4 and PC

The studio said it had performed “quite well”

Hideo Kojima is not a fan of “Director’s Cut” label for ‘Death Stranding’

"in my opinion, I don't like to call (it) 'director's cut'."

‘Death Stranding Director’s Cut’ will be first PS5 game with ‘ultra-wide’ support

Ultra-wide support is already available on the PC release of 'Death Stranding'

‘Death Stranding’ Director’s Cut is coming to PS5

Yes, that's the famous cardboard box