Xbox says Bethesda no longer has “crunch culture”

“The challenge with a lot of these articles is that they look backwards, sometimes pretty far back in time"

Microsoft Edge’s Clarity Boost should make in-browser streaming much clearer

Spatial upscaling means games streamed in the Edge browser have better visual quality

‘Starfield’ release date, latest news and everything we know

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Xbox to share 30 playable demos as part of their Summer Game Fest event

Players will be able get an early look at 30 indie titles, still in development

New Xbox App update predicts if a PC can run games before downloading

The Xbox App will also detail specifications needed to run games

Microsoft makes commitment to Activision Blizzard union neutrality

In January of this year, Microsoft announced it was making plans to acquire the ‘Call of Duty’ publisher Activision Blizzard for around £50billion (or $68billion), and while the deal has yet to be finalised, June 13th saw a “ground-breaking labour neutrality agreement” announced that essentially means once the acquisition is complete, Microsoft will not oppose unionisation discussion.

Microsoft makes “binding commitment” to Activision Blizzard union neutrality

The "ground-breaking" agreement will come into effect when Microsoft acquires Activision Blizzard, which has been fraught with allegations of union-busting behaviour in recent months

‘Naraka: Bladepoint’ is getting a campaign and Xbox release

The battle royale launches on Xbox Series X|S on June 23, with an Xbox One release coming later this year

Everything announced at the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase event

We’ve now got more news from the Xbox and Bethesda showcase on ‘Hollow Knight: Silksong’, ‘Overwatch 2’, ‘Starfield’ and much more

Kojima Productions still has a “very good” relationship with PlayStation following Xbox partnership

This follows the announcement that Xbox and Kojima will work together on a new title