‘Minecraft’ reveals first look at adorable fan-voted sniffer mob

"You have not lived until you have seen a snifflet burst out of its shell"

Xbox claims Game Pass causes “cannibalisation” of game sales

Microsoft's internal findings claim titles available on Game Pass suffer a decrease in sales

Activision boss Bobby Kotick accuses Sony of trying to “sabotage” Microsoft’s acquisition bid

The controversial CEO will reportedly not stand down if the deal doesn’t go ahead

Microsoft told to remove ‘Call Of Duty’ from Activision acquisition by UK regulators

The Competition And Markets Authority's other possible solution is blocking the merger altogether

UK risks “becoming Death Valley” if it blocks Microsoft deal, says Activision CEO

"I would think [the UK would] want to embrace a transaction like this where you gonna see job creation and opportunity"

UK will reportedly oppose Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard

It comes after reports of Microsoft facing an official EU antitrust warning

‘Gears 6’ is reportedly The Coalition’s next game after two other titles were cancelled

The studio has shifted its attention to the next 'Gears Of War' title

Microsoft to remove ‘Far Cry 2’, ‘Mass Effect 2’ ‘CS:GO’ and more from Xbox 360 Marketplace

The delisting won’t affect anything on the Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S consoles

Original ‘Goldeneye 007’ devs hit out at Switch and Xbox re-release

“Labour of loves are always better value than cash for mates”

Xbox’s Phil Spencer says “2022 was too light on games”

"We didn't do enough of that in 2022, there's no doubt"