‘Genshin Impact’ developer shares insight into what is new on PS5 version

"We've been working to develop various functions to fully utilise this next-gen console in the long run"

‘Genshin Impact’ is coming to PlayStation 5 in late April

Eula and Yanfei are joining the roster of characters

‘Genshin Impact’ finally continues its main story in new update

Leaks also suggest miHoYo has an extended roadmap of content

New ‘Genshin Impact’ trailer confirms PS5 release is soon

Cross over to continue the journey in Teyvat

‘Genshin Impact’ has made $1billion in mobile revenue

It's the fastest game on the App Store and Google Play game to hit this milestone

‘Genshin Impact’ earned $874million in just five months on mobile

The free-to-play adventure ranks third on the App Store and Google Play revenue charts

‘Genshin Impact’ set to receive 1.3 update in February

1.3 will see the introduction of Xiao, a new Anemo Polearm user

‘Genshin Impact’ makes US$400million in two months just from mobile

That’s about US$6million a day since release

‘Genshin Impact’: new patch stops players burning themselves to death

The world is safe for Klee and Diluc mains once more