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‘The Last of Us Part II’ gets a free performance patch for PS5

It’s probably the most requested PS5 update out there, and Naughty Dog and Sony have listened and finally updated the exceptional ‘The Last of Us Part II’ for PlayStation 5 users, offering a reason to play through the game all over again.

‘The Last Of Us Part II’ gets performance patch for PS5 with 60FPS option

Players can also choose to lock gameplay to original 30FPS if they prefer

Video game star Nolan North praises Tom Holland’s performance in upcoming ‘Uncharted’ film

"He actually did a lot of, with safety harnesses, he did a lot of the stunts"

Microsoft says ‘The Last Of Us Part II’ set “a new bar” in leaked internal review

But also said that Naughty Dog still "can’t seem to make decent gun combat"

‘The Last of Us Part 3’ plot outline has been written, but isn’t currently being made

Speaking on the Script Apart Podcast about the writing process of ‘The Last of Us Part II’, the creative director of Naughty Dog’s incredible franchise, Neil Druckmann said that an outline for the story of a follow up has been written, which is sure to excite fans everywhere.

‘The Last of Us’ has a plot outline for Part 3, but is not in development

Naughty Dog's Neil Druckmann hopes it can "one day see the light of day"

‘The Last of Us Part II’ had reportedly planned DLC but cancelled

"I believe at one point they were was thinking about DLC, but I don't think that happened"

‘The Last of Us’ is reportedly getting a PS5 remake

Naughty Dog is reportedly leading the remake

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