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‘The Last of Us Part II’ had reportedly planned DLC but cancelled

"I believe at one point they were was thinking about DLC, but I don't think that happened"

‘The Last of Us’ is reportedly getting a PS5 remake

Naughty Dog is reportedly leading the remake

Violent video games aren’t what 2021 needs

‘Undertale’ is a game that teaches you how to avoid conflict. More of this please

‘The Last of Us’ HBO Show will retell the first game’s story, but also change things

As one of the biggest games on the last generation of consoles, Sony and Naughty Dog’s ‘The Last of Us Part II’ wowed fans the world over with intense, violent storytelling, and incredible visuals, and hopes are high that the tv-show adaptation from HBO will go some way as to matching the quality of the game’s world, but now we know for sure what the series is going to be about, and it’s going to retell the first game in the series.

Naughty Dog is hiring developers for a multiplayer game

The job listing suggests the multiplayer game will be a narrative-driven action title

Naughty Dog has several new announcements on the way

"Please stay patient. We have several cool things we can't wait to share with you"

‘The Last Of Us II’ leads the nominations for the BAFTA Game Awards

'Ghost Of Tsushima', 'Hades' and 'Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales' also swept the nominations

Tom Holland raises concerns after revealing ‘Uncharted’ film performance “mistake”

“It was a mistake and is something that I will probably never do again”

‘The Last Of Us’ HBO adaptation lands director

‘Beanpole’ director Kantemir Balagov has been tapped to helm the pilot episode