Dashcam footage shows police ignoring robbery to play ‘Pokémon Go’

The officers were fired last year

‘Pokémon Sleep’ players are pretending to sleep to speedrun the rewards

The game aims to encourage healthy sleeping habits

‘Pokémon Go’ developer confirms 230 layoffs, cancels ‘Marvel’ game

'NBA All-World', which launched in January, is also being shut down

Microsoft considered buying Bungie and Sega to “accelerate” Game Pass

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Niantic employees have been receiving personal abuse over recent changes

Pokémon Go Fest 2023 will be held in London

The festival kicks off on August 4

‘Pokémon Go’ developer announces new mobile game ‘Monster Hunter Now’

Niantic and Capcom's collaboration will launch later this year

‘Pokémon Sleep’ confirms 2023 release date

“Get lots of sleep and try and find 'em all”

‘Pokémon Go’ faces backlash after telling players to stay away from Las Vegas public park

The first day of a ticketed in-person event saw an additional 17,000 players turn up