Nightdive Studios

‘System Shock’ publisher defends using AI to create artwork of the game’s AI villain

The artwork was supposedly meant to start a "conversation" on AI

Atari is acquiring ‘System Shock’ remake developer Night Dive Studios

Atari was impressed by the studio's "track record in commercialising retro IP"

Humble Bundle launches Black History Month collection

The eight games would usually set players back £108 but is available via the Humble Bundle for a minimum of £8

Long-awaited ‘System Shock’ remake confirms 2023 release

“This is not our first time announcing a tentative launch window, but over the past few years much has changed”

‘System Shock’ is going to be worth the wait

Nightdive Studios might have crushed this

‘Rise of the Triad’ is getting a remaster next year

“It’s some kind of miracle to see a game Apogee made in the mid-’90s finding new life a generation later, in its best form yet."

‘Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition’ offers Classic version after backlash

The quality of 'Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition' has been heavily criticised by players

Nightdive Studios would like to remaster 1998’s ‘Unreal’ after last year’s ‘Quake’

Apparently Cliff Bleszinski had talks with Tim Sweeney about the remaster

‘System Shock’ remake is completely playable but devs “want it done right”

"The game can essentially be finished from beginning to end"