Nintendo’s Virtual Boy consoles goes handheld thanks to a modder

Thankfully this custom build lacks the headache feature

Nintendo announces plans for E3 2021 with a focus on 2021 software

Just like Microsoft before them, Nintendo has announced when and where we’ll see the future of their gaming lineup this year, and there’s a bit of a surprise in the details about the 2021 lineup.

‘No More Heroes’ and its sequel are coming to PC on June 9

Classic Wii hack-and-slash ‘No More Heroes’ appears on Steam for the first time

‘Super Mario World’ goes widescreen next week thanks to a fan

Nintendo’s classic platformer is getting a widescreen emulation

Nintendo wins $2.1 million in case against ROM site owner

Nintendo as a company have always been very quick to jump in when their IP is being infringed upon, but the owner of the rom site “RomUniverse” has felt the full force of the people behind the Switch, losing his case which has awarded Nintendo 2.1 million dollars.

Nintendo Direct E3 2021 showcase date and time confirmed

Nintendo's E3 2021 showcase is set for June 15