Paradox Interactive

‘Crusader Kings 3’ confirms May release date for ‘Fate of Iberia’ DLC

The next 'Crusader Kings 3' downloadable content will make unifying Iberia tougher

Paradox announces the next ‘Stellaris’ expansion ‘Overlord’

'Stellaris' players can now wishlist the expansion on Steam

Xbox Game Pass March update brings ‘Weird West’, ‘Shredders’ and more

Several games launching in March will be available on the Game Pass from day one

Paradox shares 2022 plan following disappointing 2021 financial results

"Our overall focus has been on finding the way back to our core business"

Paradox Interactive releases external studio culture report following harassment issues

"We believe that complete transparency is the best way to move forward and address the issues and behaviours that have been identified"

‘Crusader Kings 3’ launches Royal Court expansion today

The expansion has also launched with a free update

My love/hate relationship with strategy games

Strategy games are always willing to drop you in at the deep end - for better or worse

Prime Gaming’s February games include ‘Stellaris’ and more

There's also in-game rewards for 'FIFA 22', 'Rainbow Six Extraction', 'Call Of Duty' and more

Grand strategy ‘Crusader Kings 3’ announces console release date

Paradox is bringing another grand strategy game to console fans