Paradox Interactive

‘Victoria 3’ developers defend inclusion of slavery

“What statement would we be making if we simply wrote all enslaved individuals out of history?”

Reinstated Paradox CEO apologises for “inappropriate behaviour” in 2018

"I sincerely regret making a person in my proximity uncomfortable and for the damage this caused"

‘Surviving Mars’ is free to keep on Steam right now for a very limited time

The sci-fi city builder resumed development earlier this year

Employee survey alleges gender discrimination at Paradox Interactive

"Offensive treatment is a systematic and far too common problem at Paradox."

‘Crusader Kings III’ announced for Xbox console release in series first

The title will also be available on Game Pass from day one

New ‘Crusader Kings III’ culture options revealed

Here are all the cultures you can play in ‘Crusader Kings III’

‘EU IV’ mod converts Earth into a fictional fantasy realm

EU IV gets the vampire treatment in the newest update to the mod