People Can Fly

Take-Two pulls out of ‘Outriders’ developer’s next game, 2 years into development

The developer has also stated that it is “now determined to grow the project on its own"

‘Outriders Worldslayer’ endgame dungeon, loot, enemies and more detailed

The 'Worldslayer' content is set to drop on June 30

‘Fortnite’ could be getting Juice WRLD content in the future

‘Fortnite’ is no stranger to crossovers and collaborations, and could be getting Juice WRLD content in the future.

‘Outriders’ joins Xbox Game Pass for PC this week

Xbox players can carry their progress over to PC

‘Fortnite’ acknowledges ‘Among Us’ in the latest update

‘Fortnite’ from Epic Games continues to be one of the biggest titles the industry has ever seen. Just when you think you’ve played enough, something will change and drag you back in, and one such addition to ‘Fortnite’ was called Imposters, and let’s be polite and say that it drew some… comparisons to another very popular game out there.

‘Outriders’ developer People Can Fly has not profited from the game yet

This is despite 3.5million people playing the game near launch

Newest ‘Biomutant’ patch improves loot drops among many other fixes

Expect better loot variants going forward

Square Enix says ‘Outriders’ launch on Xbox Game Pass was a success

Square Enix took a bet on Xbox Game Pass - and it paid off

‘Outriders’ has been played by more than 3.5 million people already

Square Enix is a publisher that has bet big this year with multiple new independent properties already, but while ‘Balan Wonderworld’ failed to impress, it seems People Can Fly’s ‘Outriders’ is off to a roaring start with over 3.5 million players in the first month of it being available.