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‘MultiVersus’ development could prioritise fighters fans are “really excited” for

“We don’t want it to feel like it’s one IP and friends – it’s all of these IPs coming together”

‘MultiVersus’ studio “open” to adding characters from other fighting games

“In our mind, it’s always about what’s right for the player”

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‘MultiVersus’ datamine suggests LeBron James and Rick & Morty could be in the game

Currently in Closed Alpha, ‘MultiVersus’ is a 2v2 fighting game that uses all manner of characters from properties owned by Warner Bros. This means you can currently have matchups that involve Wonder Woman taking on Shaggy from Scooby Doo, or perhaps Jake and Finn from Adventure Time battling it out against Arya Stark from Game of Thrones and Tom & Jerry. A datamine, however, has revealed multiple characters that could be coming to the game in the future.

‘MultiVersus’ datamine suggests roster could include Godzilla, Gandalf and more

A 'MultiVersus' datamine suggests the fighting game's launch roster could see LeBron James take on Daenerys, Godzilla and Pickle Rick

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