Pledis Entertainment

Chinese SEVENTEEN fan saved from severe floods after using group’s lightstick to alert rescuers

"I want to tell S.Coups the lightstick is really extremely bright"

All members of SEVENTEEN renew contracts with Pledis Entertainment

The agency called the boyband's decision to re-sign a "clear consensus"

Hoshi on SEVENTEEN’s success: “We don’t really care about numbers”

“We’re just going to try and work our best from where we are”

SEVENTEEN’s S.COUPS to halt activities after sustaining shoulder injury

The idol also "sustained additional abrasions and cuts on his right forehead, ear and chin"

SEVENTEEN say they “aren’t satisfied” with their music until it is “perfect”

"The other members are always determined when it comes to music"

SEVENTEEN’s Jun says being “scared” of new things can be “good”

"Just knowing that there’s something I’m scared of, I get better by trying harder nonstop"

SEVENTEEN – ‘Your Choice’ review: a worthy spiritual successor to their earliest hits

The 13-member boyband’s burgeoning creativity continue to flourish on a mostly stellar mini-album

Mingyu on SEVENTEEN’s bond: “When I’m with them, it’s like we’re burning bright together”

“I might wander if I were alone, but the members are my life spark”

SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi on chasing trends: “If that’s all you’re aiming for, you’re limiting yourself”

“I feel like the SEVENTEEN we are today comes from all the growing and changing we’ve done.”