Pokimane to step back from the “rat race” of Twitch streaming

"I'm just at a point in my life that it doesn't feel creatively fulfilling to feed into that anymore"

Twitch called out by streamer for “sexist” behaviour

Jidion6 claims Twitch unfairly bans male streamers for longer periods than their female counterparts

Pokimane announces streaming hiatus to take a “mental reset”

"I've been feeling in need of a mental reset & some time to focus on myself/my life offline"

Pokimane says “simp” hate reinforces sexism and misogyny

The streamer was addressing the ban of someone that went through a "simp hunting phase'

Twitch streamers support Pokimane after “sexist” hate raid

"Sad how Pokimane still has to deal with misogyny and harassment in 2022"

Pokimane gets 48-hour Twitch suspension for streaming ‘Avatar’

Likely the first of many