Polyphony Digital

‘Gran Turismo 7’ update adding three new cars

One of the cars is likely the 1982/3 Nissan Skyline Super Silhouette

‘Gran Turismo 7’ update criticised for making cars more expensive

According to a fan, the next 'Gran Turismo 7' pricing update will make 27 cars more expensive

‘Gran Turismo 7’ update will add three new cars this week

Two of the three cars have seemingly been identified

‘Gran Turismo 7’ update adds three news cars and an edited track layout

New landscapes have also been added to the game's photo mode

‘Gran Turismo 7’ new update features credit payout rebalancing

Patch 1.1 also adds three new race events to the World Circuit

‘Gran Turismo 7’ is giving players 1million free credits to apologise for downtime

Polyphony Digital has also confirmed that a "considerable patch" in April will address the community's frustration with low credit rewards

‘Gran Turismo 7’ players turn to credit exploit after controversial update

The recent update made it harder to earn rewards for free

‘Gran Turismo”s musical legacy is rooted in Japanese jazz fusion

Bring Me The Horizon are the latest band to have a crack at 'Moon Over The Castle', but the iconic 'Gran Turismo' track has some surprising heritage

‘Gran Turismo 7’ hits record-low user score due to microtransactions anger

Players say the latest 'Gran Turismo 7' update has made issues with microtransactions even worse

‘Gran Turismo 7’ creator apologises as game returns from 30-hour outage

Polyphony Digital is also working to "constructively resolve" issues surrounding microtransactions in 'Gran Turismo 7'